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But later on I add to it as the mood strikes! So beware! But you might just find something to suit your fancy...

New camping info & fun links!

Scoop's DISCLAIMER: My lawyer says to tell you that I am not responsible for anything you choose to buy from these sites, nor any other stuff that might happen because you checked them out. When I looked at them, they were good sources of info, etc. Being the busy guy I am, what with helping Mrs. Scoop with the laundry and dishes, a fate that befalls all married men, I don't often get a chance to check my own links. If you spot a problem, please let me know. I'll probably be out mowing the lawn, but I'll get right to it, rest assured.  

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PRIVATE CAMPGROUNDS IN SOUTHERN WISCONSIN (That I know of. If I missed you, let me know)...

Blackhawk Campgrounds and RV Sales and Service: , (608) 868-2586. E-mail  RV Sales and Service: (608) 868-4410. E-mail or 

Hickory Hills (608) 884-6327  856 Hillside Rd., Edgerton, WI 

Hidden Valley (608) 868-4141 872 E. State Rd. 59, Milton, WI 53563

Lakeland (608) 868-4700 2803 E. State Rd. 59, Milton, WI 53563

Lakeview (868) 7899 1901 E. State Rd. 59, Milton, WI 53563


Recommended Sites Somehow Relating To Camping or Maybe Not: My new favorite site for camping information! It's California-based, but has info for everyone, including weather reports from everywhere, MapQuest, recipes, camping tips, Fun & Games, links to many resources, a free newsletter, and lots more! (The recipes are worth checking it out!). Definitely related to camping and a lot more! As Rich & Linda put it: "Informative and entertaining 'General Webs' for everyone--anywhere; plus Western Pennsylvania 'Neighborhood Webs' with community directories. Everything is sprinkled with relevant humor, fun facts, tips and tricks, links, and more--plus our '100's of Jokes & Cartoons' to make you smile! See our 'Web Site Services'--Your own Web site for $150! And that's no joke!"

    And as I said, there's a lot more: links to Campgrounds & State Parks, Hiking, RV & Camping shows, all those jokes and cartoons, and more, more, more...I'll be reading this good stuff for months. It doesn't matter where you live, you'll like this site...check it out!

MIKE'S CAMPING PAGE at Mike has pages on popup camping, cooking equipment, safety, camping links, humor, tips, magazines, campgrounds in northern Illinois, camping clipart & graphics and much more. Especially nice for popup campers!   

PETE'S FAMILY CAMPING SITE:  The newspaper here asked Pete for permission to reprint some of his stuff because it was so good. Pete and his family have some great common-sense camping ideas that can save you a lot of headaches, and we certainly don't want those, do we, guys? Don't miss Pete's "Ten Steps To Being A Totally Obnoxious Camper". You'll agree with every word...unless you are one, you idiot. This site is highly recommended!



Here's a good one with lots of info on camping, camping supplies, related stuff, links to recipes, games, and more!


Love the Outdoors



Need to buy stuff for camping? Because you lost it last time, or just can't find it? Here you go...


Variety-Home-On-Line Camping Supplies Superstore, offering Camping and Hiking Information, Tips and Advice. With Links to Campsites, Trail Maps and other Fun Stuff. Gift Items and Toys sure to please all your Loved Ones.


Here's a good one about Family Camping with links to campgrounds across the USA, fun stuff, stories, and a lot more:

                                   Family Camping


Here's a complete guide to camping in Wisconsin, with plenty of campground listings, maps, updated weather info, links to personal camping sites, a great section on cooking sites, books, and of course...more!




And let's remember that 'camping' doesn't have to mean you have to 'rough it'...

Portable Power Generators
Going camping or just needs some power around the garage?  Either way you can't go wrong with the selection of a Honda or Coleman portable generators!




You've got "Scoop's Scary Stories" to tell around the campfire, but how about some true scary stuff to keep you awake at night? Here's two great sites that'll do the trick: The W-Files has been posting Wisconsin paranormal sightings since 1997, including UFOs and aliens, Bigfoot, crop circles, lake monsters, legends, an expanded ghosts section and more, along with links to other great sites, one of which is UFOWisconsin, at, "your complete source for up-to-date Wisconsin UFO sightings and information". Think about this next time you're gazing at the stars: Wisconsin is 2nd only to New Mexico in UFO sightings..!

These are two fantastic sites, both of which have won numerous awards, fully deserved. And hey--sometimes I just get mesmerized by the graphics!  WARNING!!! I got on the Yahoo-group message thing, and I enjoy the conversations, but you'll get a lot of e-mail from newcomers talking about abductions by aliens, etc. But maybe that's a good thing... 

Mood Music

    MR. LUCKY I was once known as "Mr. Lucky", and I found this site while trying to register the name. I'm glad they have it--it's a "musical communique" full of music and cocktails, right up my alley! I found the perfect martini recipe here. I am happy.

    FRANK SINATRA Just one of many Sinatra sites. Check this out and put away the AC/DC for a nite, guys. Remember, Nice 'n Easy does it every time! WARNING! I think this site is gone, Baby, gone. But just check any of the other Frank sites. I'll do it for you after I finish mowing the lawn...

    STEVE LIPPIA Steve is a Frank-style singer, but never an imitator. I saw him in Vegas with the Vince Falcone orchestra (Vince was with Frank for many songs), and they knocked the crowd out. He sings good, man! Buy his new CD. Go, Steve, go!

Update! Mrs. Scoop and I were fortunate to see Steve Lippia again this past year, this time in "The Rat Pack Is Back", at the Sahara. As Steve put it in an e-mail to me: "It's a fun show with a talented cast and hot swingin' 12-piece big band." Yes it is--don't miss it! (Read 'Scoop Does Vegas' for more on this). Thanks Steve and everyone for a great time!
Another UPDATE! 5/5/02: Steve Lippia e-mails "I left the Rat Pack on Feb 10th to pursue my solo career. I had been with the show for over 14 months and needed to 'stretch' some more. On New Year's Eve I performed with the Woody Herman Orchestra in Coral Gables, Florida at the Biltmore Hotel. By the way, I will be bringing on line my newly renovated website in about a month or so. Check it out, then. I think you'll like the improvements. Best of luck, Steve".


 BOB FUGATE recently shut down worthlessadvice. Said Bob: "It was a collection of everything you never wanted to know but were told anyway." When pressed, Bob added: "I'm a freelance writer living in Crystal Lake, Ill. I wrote beer ads and other writing that includes radio, TV, print and matchbooks. ('Close cover before striking' was one of my best ideas.')".

    I think he's kidding...about the matchbook thing, I mean. Anyway, my 'Goofy' spot was then a void, a drifting, empty hole, until two goofy guys came up with a great idea...

Cap'n Slappy Ol' Chumbucket

"Well blow me down, or walk the plank, wench!" Get ready for 'Talk Like A Pirate' Day! Learn new lingo and impress your friends! Pick up girls! Or maybe not...


Crying in your beer about how much money you've spent drinking? See how miserable you can feel! 

Here's a test I failed! I could have bought a lot of fast cars with what I've spent! But it's been fun...check this out!

Web design, graphic design, and Interactive design.

They have cool stuff!


Yes, it's 'Bowling For Cats'! Waste more valuable hours at work! It's not as easy as you think...the game, I mean!


The Haunted Mansion!

Let every day be Halloween!


Test your skills with the Fly Eatin' Frog! Spend hours at work catching flies!



check out The Evil Eye!


Thanks to Bob Becker and Joyce Killian for some great links! More to come!



Scoop's secret Spot 


SCOOP EXPLAINS HIS SECRET SPOT: I'm not being mysterious, nor does this involve that place I like to be tickled--this is the spot where I list my own musings...

  • I'm looking for John King and Don Carillo, formerly of Chicago. We worked together at a bank around 1970. E-mail if you read this. You too, Ron Byas. Murph says Hi!
  • Johnny D.--nice article; we miss you. Trailer still looks nice, but it ain't the same without your jokes! Say Hi! to the family!
  • I'm also looking for the following people: John Prim, Jim Corcoran, Larry Stygar, all of whom went to St. Laurence HS. E-mail me, eh?


I get many requests (OK--3 or 4!) for links, but, alas, few are chosen. I have standards, you know. However, this is a case where I asked to include a link, because I think Doug's camping cartoons and artwork are great! Check this site out; his artwork is available for what I consider a steal. I'm thinking of using Frik for my Christmas cards, and I know he has great deals for newspapers and other publications. Even if you're not buying, you can spend a cool hour checking out his work! You can see a preview right below this one...  

    You can check out a cartoon Frik (Doug) drew for a collaboration we are doing at my 'Scary Stories' page.


Get mesmerized!Nothing is actually moving's just the strain of working too hard!


SCOOP SAYS: Feel free to suggest links; just keep the theme: camping, you know...yeah, right! 

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