Scoop's BIO as if you really wanted to know...

Scoop was born in Rhode Island and raised in Louisville and Chicago, but he has never really grown up. His 1st real camping experience was in Chain-O-Lakes State Park in Illinois, where he and his friends were asked to leave by Ranger "Bud Dummy" for having a 'loud' campfire. (It's too complicated to explain--Scoop). A decade later, Scoop was fortunate to join his family in buying a campground in southern Wisconsin. His next camping experience happened when he and Mrs. Scoop decided to be adventurous and 'tent it' while working one week. Either a misguided dog or a disgruntled camper pooped in their tent. From that moment on, Scoop realized that there are 'Adventures In Camping' that simply must be captured.

Scoop and Mrs. Scoop have a 30-something son who moved to San Diego (PB) a while back, where women wear thongs to the supermarket and there are naked hot-tub parties at the mansions on the hills. For some ungodly reason, Scoop Jr. was hesitant about moving back. But he did, for a while, then moved back to CA. He is heavily involved in commercial real estate, which is a good thing. The problem is that when he is distant, Mrs. Scoop gets maternal and buys pets. The pets have now dwindled, and at this point they have 1 cat that can't even meow, let alone talk, 1 blind dog, and a puppy that they fervently hope is somewhat normal. Scoop had pet mice, tarantulas, ferrets, etc., but they either died on the treadmill or escaped...except for the tarantula. Don't worry Ladies--you are safe.

 Scoop likes to golf badly and drink beer. Mrs. Scoop loves 'garage sale-ing', but so far has not found any large-screen TVs. 

About 9 years ago Scoop was approached by Doug Welch (the 'Chief') and Susan Angell from the local paper in Milton, WI. They approached warily, of course, and asked if he would be interested in writing a column for the paper. Their suggestion was based on the "Bugle" columns he had shown them. Scoop readily agreed, and was given "Carte Blanche", which he thought was a major credit card, and was disappointed when he was not able to purchase a large-screen TV with it. So instead he writes the tales you read now.

Perhaps because of this 'let-down' on the 'Carte Blanche' thing, Scoop has been known to overindulge at the annual Christmas Party. Last year he ably polished off a NY Strip, two lobster tails, and a side order of jumbo shrimp (so there!), nearly demolishing the budget for next year. For this, he apologizes...sort of.

Scoop wishes to thanks The Chief (Doug Welch), Susan, and all of the kind people at the Milton Courier who have been so nice and have put up with him. Scoop also wants you to know that he does not accept any payment for his articles in the 'Camper's Courier', a free summer paper. This is important, because Scoop someday expects a Pulitzer Prize, and doesn't want it stripped away like they did to Jim Thorpe, those lousy Olympic judge bastards.



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