Some good came out of this travesty--not only did I receive the soon-to-be-famous 'Finstermocker' Award, but I also got some surprising emails concerning Ray Rayner, whom I mistakenly identified as Andy 'Clyde' in the Trivia Contest. Read all about the emails, and a Tribute to Ray Rayner, in "UPDATES"...


Scoop's Trivia Contest! Four Contests, all innocent, that result in a fierce struggle to survive! Plus Redemption, and an Award--The One & Only FINSTERMOCKER!

WARNING!!! Don't get mad if you can't find all the answers!

Trivia #1     Trivia #2     Trivia #3     Trivia #4

PLUS The Vulture's own TRIVIA QUIZ!

The Scandal! Oh, the shame...READ ALL ABOUT it!


During a long, boring winter, my good friend Pat devised a simple Trivia Contest. Then bad things happened. See for yourself...

The first questions asked were:

#1) Who is Mrs. Finstermocker?

#2) Who is the Master Cylinder?

#3) Who is Bar Sinister?

It was just going to be a pleasant thing, but, alas..



First, I want to thank all of you who have entered Round #1 of my TRIVIA CONTEST.  I was practically inundated with responses--two of them! (Wait--now 3!). But I thank these readers, and will reward them with Scoop's 'Golden Star' certificates, except for 'Gornoman', for reasons I will not divulge. Round #2 is now open, and I suggest you scurry and e-mail--only 2 of my valuable 'Golden Star' certificates will be awarded this Round. For new contestants, try your luck at Round #1...the 'Mrs. Finstermocker' is a tie-breaker for all future quizzes. Good Luck To All! Here are my first Winners:
First to Enter: Carol Okerstrom, from IL, 9/16 12:12 PM. "Hi Scoop. Simon Bar Sinister along with Riff Raff were the bad guys in the 'Underdog' cartoon."

Scoop Says: "Congratulations, Carol! You were 1st, and are hereby awarded my 'Golden Star' certificate, suitable for framing. It will arrive shortly, and no--you do not get 'extra credit' for mentioning Riff Raff!

In First Place: Andy Smejkal, from Milton, WI, 9/20 12:29PM. "How about 2 out of 3, Scoop? #1) I wasn't able to find out who the hell Mrs. Finstermocker is. Nowhere I searched or nobody I talked to had ever heard of her. #2) Master Cylinder is a bully and is considered the king of the moon. His delight is capturing Felix the Cat and Poindexter. #3) Simon Bar Sinister is the evil scientist, and arch-enemy of Underdog."

Scoop Says: "Great job, Andy! A 'Golden Star' certificate is on its way! (PS: Andy later e-mailed again, begging for the answer to Question #1. Under an Oath of Secrecy, I told him. If he tells you, let me know...I will put a bounty on his head!).

Better Late Than Never: 'Gornoman' 9/26, 5:40PM. "Simon Bar Sinister was the constant villain on the Underdog cartoon show. He was very creepy-looking, bald, and I think he sported a hunchback. Kinda' reminds me of my brother-in-law Brian.

That's it for this round! Feel free to go on to Round #2, a tad easier, you wimps. (Just kidding, honest!). The 'Mrs. Finstermocker' question shall remain as a tie-breaker for all future events. Good luck to all! Ready? We start anew below...

Round #2 Begins! Name the shows with:

1) Dan Matthews  

2) Mike Nelson

3) Wes & Skip

4) Truman Bradley

5) Napoleon & Illya

6) Jim & Artemus

7) Chuck & P.T.

8) Toody & Muldoon

o 'turn up the juice', so e-mail now while you still stand a chance!

And this is when the innocent Trivia Contest started to get nasty! Keep going...


Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 20:53:40 EDT Subject: Trivia To: 


Round 2:

1)  ???
2) Mike Nelson was the main character in Sea Hunt and was played by Loyd Bridges ("Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue!"). (NAME THAT MOVIE MR. TRIVIA!!!)
3)  Wild guess - The 2 fellas touring the country in a Corvette convertible on Route 66?
4)  ???
5)  Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuriakan were the men from U.N.C.L.E. (United Network Command for Law Enforcement)
6)  Jim West and Atemus Gordon were Secret Service agents on Wild, Wild, West.
7)  ???
8)  Officers Toody and Muldoon occupied Car 54 on Car 54 Where Are You?



Fri, 11 Oct 2002 11:54:39

This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand this format, some or all of this message may not be legible.

1. Dan Matthews - Played by Broderick Crawford in the 1955-1959 show "Highway Patrol" -also 1936 Movie - "The Calling of Dan Matthews" (actor - Richard Arlen) -also there is a Dan Matthews who is the host of of a television show called "Lifestyle Magazine" 

2. Mike Nelson - Played by Lloyd Bridges in the 1950's show "Sea Hunt" 

3. Wes & Skip - "Angel" (Don't know if I'm right here, it doesn't seem to fit???) 

4. Truman Bradley - "Science Fiction Theatre" - Hosted by radio vet Truman Bradley. -also - Played by Paul Wagner-Truman Bradley in the 1930-1940 Chalie Chan films of Sidney Toler. 

5. Napoleon & Illya - "The Man From Uncle" 1964-1968. (Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin.) 

6. Jim & Artemus - "Wild, Wild West" - Starring Robert Conrad as Major James T. West / Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon. 

7. Chuck and P.T. - "Whirlybirds" 1954-1958 - Starring Ken Tobey as Chuck Martin / Craig Hill as Pete 'PT' Moore. 

8. Toody & Muldoon - "Car 54 Where Are You" early 1960's - Starring Joe E. Ross as Officer Gunther Toody and Fred Gwynne as Officer Francis Muldoon.

 Andy S.
Both Andy and Gorno admitted to research...Andy searched the 'Net, and Gorno visited Blockbuster. But that's how the feud began...

A battle is brewing!

from 'Gorno' 10/13 12:03PM: 

"Scoop--Thanks for the kind word. Maybe you should have two winner categories. One winner could be for people like Andy who have nothing better to do than look stuff up on the web, and the other winner could be the guy who has the answers rattling around in his head already. Or at least some of the answers!"

oooooh...nasty! Ready when you are, Andy...

from Andy 10/14/02 6:58am:

"Just for the record, I spent a total of 6.3 minutes locating the answers I didn't know. I wasn't born until the early 70's. For these questions I needed a little help from the web. Sorry 'Gorno'. 

PS: Scoop rules"

For the record, that's 4 correct answers for Gorno, and 7 for Andy. Round #2 must now end because I have just received--amazingly--a 3rd contestant!

from Steve O, 10/14/02, 4:59PM:

"OK, so I went and played Trivia. My answers are:

Here is where I save some time: Steve O incorrectly answered #4, on which Andy was right. But Andy was wrong on #3, which Steve O correctly answered as 'Rescue 8'. So check it out.

    I hereby declare this Round a tie. No one has successfully answered the Mrs. Finstermocker question as a tie-breaker, but it doesn't matter, because I gave Andy the answer and he cannot use it, so we journey on to Round #3... 


 Name the actors who played:

 1) Inspector Henderson

 2) Inspector LaStrade

 3) Ichabod Mudd

 4) Crazy Guggenheim

 5) Simon Templar

 6) John Newland

 7) Amos Burke

 And now we have 2 Bonus Questions as Tie-Breakers:

 Bonus #1: Where did King Leonardo live?

 Bonus #2: In the TV show 'Combat!', name the weapons these individuals carried...

 Sgt. Saunders


 Little John

 Lt. Hanley     

 Good luck to all! As you can see, things are heating up, so don't hesitate to be maybe the 4th or 5th Contestant!

In the meantime, trouble was brewing! PS: If I can find the answers to #3, I'll print them way below...



'Contest Rigged', say angry Contestants!  Possible Flaws in the 'Finstermocker' Question Arouse Suspicion!

Scoop to be questioned soon..."I am innocent," he claims. "I never inhaled, and I did not have sex with that Mrs. Finstermocker!"

plus an important UPDATE for Round #3, Round #4, a new AWARDRound #4 continues!, the Conclusion of Round #4--a WINNER! plus MRS. FINSTERMOCKER FOUND! 



NEWS UPDATE: After returning from a lengthy vacation, Scoop Jackson was startled to find wild e-mail accusations bombarding his site, all concerning his Trivia Quiz, which is now into Round #3. A fierce battle has been raging between Contestants "Andy" and "Gorno", each of whom are vying for top honors in the hot new quiz which is sweeping the nation, and also Bali. 

A tie-breaking question in Round #1 was: "Who is Mrs. Finstermocker?" (see directly above this 'Scoop of the Month'). Both Andy and Gorno, leading the quiz amongst a field of three contestants, argued that neither could find a single clue as to the existence of 'Mrs. Finstermock', which was to be used as a 'tie-breaker' in the event of a...well, a tie.

Scoop Jackson responded to the suggestion of a rigged event with this statement: "I believe the 'Mrs. Finstermocker' quiz question to be true and accurate. My friend Pat Bukiri supplied the question and the answer, and I published it as such. In fairness to both Andy and Gorno, I gave them the answer. I did this because this is a Chicago-related question, which, in the scope of my world-wide site, was not fair to all contestants. I also told each of them that the 'Finstermocker' question would not be used as a 'tie-breaker'. I was not aware that a 3rd contestant, Carol 'O', had gone to great lengths to find the answer on her own, apparently in the hopes of using the 'Finstermocker' to help her own score, which is miserable so far, to say the least.

Here we print the e-mail accusations. Out on bond for the charge of 'Fraudulent Trivia Questions', Scoop, on the advice of his lawyer, Eggbert E. Souse, declined to answer, stating only that he will be vindicated.


From: "Andy" 
To: <Gorno<>; 

Subject: RE: Trivia SCANDAL!!!
Date: Wednesday, November 06, 2002 4:30 AM

Scoop................Is there any truth to this????

-----Original Message-----
From: Gorno 
Sent: Tuesday, November 05, 2002 9:07 PM
To:; Andy 
Subject: Trivia SCANDAL!!!

Milton, WI

It seems a local man's personal website has caused quite a stir back in
Chicagoland. "Scoop Jackson" has been running a trivia contest on his
website concerning actor's/character's names or origins. So many correct
responses were received during round 1, that a "tie breaker" question needed
to be instituted. The question centered around "who was Mrs. Finstermocker?"

No one seemed to be able to identify this character. Frustration over the
lack of correct responses led Scoop Jackson to actually reveal the answer to
one of the contestants. This fact was openly published on Scoop's website.
In fact, the answer was revealed to other contestants as well!

(Here follows Scoop's e-mail to 'Gorno')

"Gornoman: Thank you for the kind words. Let it be known that all I gave
Andy was the answer to 'Mrs. Finstermocker', and he was told that he could
never use it. But to be fair, I will now reveal the answer to you:
Back in the late 50's and early 60's, WGN (Channel 9 in Chicago, before
Superstation stuff) had Bozo plus kids' matinees, timed to show right after
school was out. I think the 'Andy Clyde Theater' came on at 3:30. It was Ray
Rayner (who hosted many Chicago cartoon shows, plus played a clown on
'Bozo') who came out as a custodian--fake moustache, baggy pants, broom,
etc.--and "sneaked" us into the Orpheum Theater behind thick curtains. Come
to think of it, he would be arrested if he did it now. Anyway, then 'Andy
Clyde' would show 3 Stooges shorts. At the end, he would 'chase' us out of
the Theater because he was afraid of being caught by Mrs. Finstermocker.
So, the correct answer is: Mrs. Finstermocker owned the Orpheum Theater.

I don't understand why the question was so difficult."

And now, the evil e-mail continues...

(Gorno): "Elsewhere on The "Scoop" website:

"There were also afternoon shows, like The 3 Stooges shorts hosted by a
local emcee (I remember 'Andy Clyde' (could have been Ray Rayner in

None of this would have amounted to much if not for the relentless pursuit
of the truth by one Carol Okerstrom of suburban Chicago. Carol contacted The
Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications and was delivered the following

"Yikes! Your friend has the facts just a bit mixed up. When WGN-TV began
airing the newly released to televison 3 Stooges shorts, the first host was
veteran newsman Carl Greyson who did the commercial wraparounds with a chimp
named Chatter. Chatter and Carl never saw eye to eye and Bob Bell was
brought in to host a newly revamped set-up created by producer Don Sandburg.
This setting, an old nickleodean theater named The Odean featured Bell (aka
Bozo the Clown) as custodian Andy Starr. Andy would introduce the shorts.
I do not remember any Mrs. Finstermocker. The name sounds like a character
in a Stooges short. I think that's where the confusion is.


It seems that not only is Scoop Jackson using questionable tactics in his
own contest, he is distributing incorrect information. Chicago area
television viewers are irate at the thought of Bozo the Clown being confused
with Oliver O. Oliver. Or someone getting Andy Starr's name wrong. The
Chicago Museum of Broadcast Communications has promised a full investigation
of the man known as "Scoop Jackson".

Chicagoland winners of Scoop Jackson's "Golden Star Certificates" are left
wondering just what good the "certificates" are. One winner claims he is
considering lining the funnel in his shed with his "certificate". Another
winner may use it in her catbox.

This reporter tried to contact Scoop Jackson himself but was informed that
Scoop was "out of town".

Probably in Vegas looking for aliens.



Yes,Gorno, I was. We will see what happens, El Snako. Scoop will respond el soono.

Soon Carol O., known as 'The Vulture' for her relentless pursuit of Trivia on the 'Net--while working and getting paid!--jumped with a vengeance! 
Mon, 11 Nov 2002 17:08:23 -0500 (EST)
From: "Carol O" 
Subject: Re: new 'Scoop'


Scoop Responds: "Against the advice of my illustrious attorney, I will state this: 'Mrs. Finstermocker' is real, as far as the Odeum (or 'Odean') Theater is concerned. I will furnish irrefutable proof within 3 days. And on a personal note, I do not drink Old Style, so there!

Gin & tonic, yes...and I do not consider it 'ramblings'--just fluid thought processes.

Yours Truly, Scoop


 Scoop Says: OK, I did some investigating, since that is what I do best, sometimes. On 2 different 'Net sites, the theater was referred to as the 'Odean', not 'Odeum'. This--the 'Odean'--may be correct...I will check further. Also, Carol O. referred to a 'Mrs. Phinstermacher' vs. my spelling as 'Finstermocker'. She may be correct on this matter also. However, we now come to the crucial matter: Did Mrs. Finstermocker--under any similar spelling--exist as a fictional character on a Chicago TV show on WGN hosted by a 'custodian' named 'Andy' who showed 3 Stooges shorts?

My assistant defense attorney, Otis T. Cribblecross, will now question Carol O.:

"I refer Carol O. to . Please, kindly scroll approximately 2/3 of the way down the page and look to the left side, which contains letters from fans of this site. Under the title 'Jabberwocky Place', do you see the reference to 'Andy Starr' and 'Mrs. Phinstermacher', and their constant battles?"


But wait..! Things are getting goofy! OK--I was getting just a bit concerned about Mrs. Finstermocker. I know someone will supply proof of her, but time was of the essence. So I resorted to the under-handed techniques of the Contestants--I searched the Internet! Let me show you how these vultures operate:

Wednesday 7:37AM CST, I check out WGN's site and post a question. 

Wednesday 10:53AM CST, I receive the following e-mail from Carol O: "Gee, look what I found on WGN-TV's website: "Help! Anyone remember Andy Starr and Mrs. Finstermocker? E-mail me." (Submitted by Scoop Jackson). 

Carol O. then went on with this: "Thought you would have your (evidence) in 3 days. And this was posted just this morning. Interesting! Veeeeerrrrrryyyyy interesting!"

Yes, I felt betrayed by the Web. And then, upon checking again today, Thursday, I found this little item on WGN's site, right above mine: 

 "Help! I'm having a trivia battle royale! Proof of Mrs. Finstermocker of Andy Starr Odean e-mail to Carol O********. Submitted by Carol 10:49AM CST (Wed.)

So, let's review...I search the 'Net at 7:37, I get castigated by Carol O. at 10:53, but I later find she has also posted a search question 4 minutes earlier! Ha! Vultures, I say!

Yes, I felt lost, beset upon all sides. My morale was as low as a guppy in a septic pool. But then--Joy--I was redeemed, by the Vulture herself, in her relentless pursuit!

To my utter astonishment, I have just received a vital e-mail from Carol O., the 'Vulture':

Sent: 11/25/02 9:24am Subject: Mrs. Finstermocker found!

"Scoop, I owe you an apology of large proportions. You were right and there really was a Mrs. Finstermocker. It is officially and irrevocably been verified by the person who wrote the show. I bow to your superior trivia knowledge."

From Steve at Chicago is this attachment:

"Hi Carol,

I just talked to Don Sandburg (the creator of the Andy Starr segments) and he tells me there was a Mrs. Finstermocker but she was never seen or heard on the show. She owned the theater and from time to time would give Andy some chores to do. A very minor character who was written into the scripts only occasionally. I myself totally forgot this character. Thank you for reminding me!  Steve."

...and so the 'Finstermocker' debate is finally over. I mailed Carol O. and thanked her for her honesty and fairness, and especially her diligence! I also promised that the 'Finstermocker' award she is to receive will be a kinder, gentler version from its former vicious image. But I also warned her that we may fight again when she reads the answer to Question #14!

Thank you Pat Bukiri for the 'Finstermocker' fun!

Thus the battle was over, won fair & square by Scoop! For her fairness and honesty, The Vulture was awarded the very-first 'FINSTERMOCKER' Award!

Mrs. Finstermocker was an off-stage character on the 'Andy Star Theater', which was an early-afternoon kids' show on WGN-Chicago in the 60s. We would all rush home from school to watch it; Andy was the 'custodian' of the Odeum Theater, just cleaning up, but he would 'sneak' us kids in to watch 3 Stooges shorts. Every now and then, Mrs. Finstermocker would yell at Andy to 'finish up', etc. You never saw her, but she was indeed a character on the show. By the way, Andy Star was played by Bob Bell, who was also A) Bozo himself or B) the Ringmaster of Bozo's Circus. Let me know what you think. Also, I am sure the Vulture--and I use that term only in the highest respect--will correct me on something, so I am sending it to her for proofing. And now--really--on to the Awards...         

The Vulture aka Carol O. accepts her award.


Andy Star, and another cheap shot at Scoop!

Another fine example of the Shrine!

The Vulture...ahem...Carol, with her favorites plus the Finstermocker



and now...ROUND #4

For now, one simple question: Name the 3 actors who played bumbling police detective Inspector Clouseau.

Round #4 continues...

Scoop's Own Trivia...Good Luck To All----Ha!

3 Stooges

1) Moe’s given name at birth: 

2) Shemp’s birth name was: Irving, Jack, or Sam 

3) Curly’s birth name was: 

4) During the filming of what Stooges short did Curly have a stroke? 

5) How old was Curly when he died?

6) What was the 1st Stooges short with new 'Curly’ Joe      Besser? 

7) In 'The 3 Stooges Meet Hercules', who plays Hercules?

8) 'Batman' Adam West was in what 3 Stooges movie?

Famous Dead or Alive…

9) The phrase "In like Flynn" of course refers to Errol, but why?

A) his escape from a deadly accident while filming ‘Captain Blood’

B) his not-guilty verdict at a rape trial

C) his notorious affairs with his female co-stars

D) his uncanny ability to get roles because other actors became sick or died

10) Mick Jagger sings in a unique way because:

A) he bit off part of his tongue in gym class

B) he has a lower back problem and is always in pain

C) his 1st agent told him to "be different"

D) he began imitating Tina Turner when she toured with the Stones

11) Which saying was not said by W.C. Fields:

A) "Any man who hates dogs and children can’t be all bad."

B) "Never give a sucker an even break…"

C) "Shall we dally in the valley? And believe me, I can dally."

D) "Women are like elephants: I like to look at them, but I wouldn’t want to own one."

12) W.C. Fields started out in show business as:

A) a comedian

B) a juggler

C) a magician

D) a radio emcee

13) W.C. Fields had the swimming pool at his mansion drained and kept it empty because:

                             A) He hated the children of neighboring actors who swam during his parties

B) Although a good swimmer, he was afraid of drowning while drunk

C) Charlie Chaplin’s child drowned in the pool

D) His movie contract forbid swimming and piloting an aircraft

14) Whom amongst the following was the 1st person to greet the Beatles at Midway Airport in the early 60s as they exited the airplane?

A) Hugh Hefner

B) Mayor Daley

C) Irv Kupcinet

D) Scoop Jackson

OK--answers forthcoming! Plus--if you still have time to kill--keep going! Thank you one and all 4 for entering!
and now...the Conclusion of Round #4:

FINAL UPDATE: Steve O. returned from a 'business' trip to Vegas and tied Carol O. (the 'Vulture') for the 'Inspector Closeau' question. He also entered the final of Round #4. Andy was also out of town, and has just answered the final of Round #4. Carol O., the 'Vulture, had submitted her answers immediately, since she was at work, wasting the company's money. Here are the scores:

AND NOW...the End:

If you didn't enter, too bad. Here are enough answers for those who did enter to figure out what went wrong...

Steve O. and Carol O. tied with 'Peter Sellers, Alan Arkin, and Roger Moore'.

#1) It's 'Moses Harry Horwitz'. I let it go.

#5) OK, Vulture--Curly was 48.

#6) I got "Hoofs and Goofs", but everybody else said "Rusty Romeo", so it doesn't matter.

#10) A.  It's a known historical fact, and I can prove there!

#11) A.  "Dally in the valley..." was a line from W.C. to Mae West. He also said, when asked if she was his new bride, "New? I haven't even unwrapped her yet!" The quote "Any man who hates dogs and children can't be all bad." was given as an introduction to W.C. before he gave a speech at a banquet.

#13) C.  Charlie Chaplin was W.C.'s next-door neighbor. W.C. never filled it again as long as he lived there.

#14)  D.  Ha!--gotcha, didn't I? My Uncle Jim worked for Butler Aviation at Midway Airport, which supplied the fuel for most of the airlines arriving there. He woke me out of a deep sleep one night and told me to get in the back of his courtesy van. I was wrapped in a tarp and told to lay silent. We passed checkpoints. The van rolled on, stopped, and Uncle Jim opened the rear doors and told me to stand "right there." The jet stopped on its mark, the crew wheeled the ramp to the door, and the women (groupies?) and bodyguards came down first. Then came the Beatles.

Ringo was last, and he stopped to give me an autograph, but just then the screaming fans on Cicero Ave. jumped the tall cyclone fence 100 yards away and rushed forward. The Beatles were grabbed by bodyguards and thrown into limos. I didn't get the autograph, but I did briefly shake hands with all of them, and I was there...first!  So there!

  PS: If you look closely at the bottom right corner of the 'Sgt. Pepper's' album cover, there is a picture of a small boy. Check it out... 

and the Winner is...

 Carol O, the 'Vulture', with a tie in the "Closeau" question and 11 out of 14 in the Final, beating Steve O. by 1 measly point! Congratulations, Carol! 


Soon The Vulture devised her own Trivia Quiz, and here it be...after I get attacked by The Vulture one more time!

After this column was published in the prestigious Camper's Courier, the Vulture and her posse accosted me, pointing out--correctly, I am sad to say--that I should have said Andy Starr, not Andy Clyde. 

The 'Starr' vs. 'Clyde' thing was a focal point during most of the infamous Trivia Contest imbroglio: The Vulture accused me of deliberately giving false info, as if this slight error prevented her from doing any actual work at work! The fact is, Carol belongs in the 'Dilbert' comic strip, in that apparently she gets paid for doing absolutely nothing besides researching trivia on the Internet. I mean this in a nice way, because they pay her good money to sit there and do this, and besides, I am jealous!

 This e-mail soon followed:



Thank you, Mrs. Vulture!

And so we leave the Trivia Page until next time...


UPDATE: We now have an important e-mail from 'Andy': "Trivia Round #4 is beginning?? How about the results from Round #3??????"

Oops! Did I forget something? Here's the damn results...

'Andy' and 'Steve O' finished a tight race for Round #3. Steve O. had 8 correct, Andy 9. Thus--the winner is...Andy! Due to time constraints and to keep novice contestants scratching their pointy little heads, I'll just list a few of the answers one or each had wrong: 

Andy, your answer to 'John Newland' gave him as the host of 'One Step Beyond', but you said you did not know what actor 'played' him. He was himself. Steve O., you listed Inspector Henderson as Clark Kent's dad...duh!

Inspector Henderson was actor Robert Shayne. Inspector LaStrade was Colin Jeavons. Ichabod Mudd was the sidekick to Cap't. Midnight (Jet Jackson later in syndication.) According to my expert, Pat. B.: "Was played in that tv show by the Laurence Olivier of television, Sid Melton, who later went on to play one of the carpenters on Green Acres."

Kirby was the B.A.R. man. Little John carried an M1 GARAND.

Oh, and yes...King Leonardo was ruler of Bongo Congo!  

I'm lazy--that's all you get for now...almost all the answers to all Trivia questions can be figured out by reading the emails I got...Good Luck, and I mean it!

    to paraphrase Lydon B. Johnson, I'd rather have The Vulture inside peeing out the tent than outside peeing here is The Vulture's very own Trivia Quiz!
























 Good Luck!

(OK--the Contest officially ended already, but go ahead and try your luck!)


Scoop sez: I lost the answers, but I'll get them soon!


and The Vulture's Tie-Breaking Question: Who 'played' the Housekeeper on 'The Simpsons'? (1x only). Good luck!