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Maybe your own camping tales are a bit on the mild side. That's OK--mild can be good. But perhaps you'd like to take a look at the other side of camping, a humorous side I've seen for over 20 years.  I'm talking about mudwrestling with angry Nuns, eating Vegamite with half-naked Australians, and being chased by a rabid, bullet-proof raccoon.  These are just a few of the things that were bound to happen here at the campground in southern Wisconsin I call home.

I must ask one favor of you...don't point snickering fingers at the ill-fated people my NewsHounds have caught in the act--it could happen to you! Don't think so, eh? Never fell asleep with your Nikes roasting in a campfire? Never got Duct-taped to a lawn chair or a tree after too many Old Styles? How about having to call for the Honey-Wagon when everyone else around you is eating breakfast? Ugh!

These are all true tales involving real people, and I've been telling them for many years in our local paper. Now it's time to share these tales on the Internet. 

"But why, Scoop?" you ask. Well, thanks for asking, and let me tell you why: 

BIG-TIME WARNING!!! As I said, Beware! Traumatic events can happen to you anytime you are camping. To be safe, check this site every month for new stuff to be aware of. After all, you'd pay top-dollar for a guide in Alaska so you wouldn't get chewed up by a Grizzly, right? So what about a horny Wisconsin badger (the animal!) accidentally eating your Viagra? Or a bee in your morning tequila? The dangers are endless, and often humiliating. 

                                Think about it. Let me help.

                             THE SCOOP:

Yeah, Mike! Photo (c) Dan Wiegel

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 enter the Shadows

 Scoop The Hand          (campfire)    Scoop    Rat-Tale (alone!)             


CALLING ALL EDITORS! Wouldn't a collection of my columns make a great book? I have over 40 articles at present, with many more to come. Arranged in chronological order, they make for a compelling story of strange camping tales, with ongoing characters stumbling in and out. Just e-mail me with a query and I'll send a complete outline of my ideas. Big-screen TV, here you come!

Legal Stuff and Thanks: All stories are true, unless I have offended someone, in which case I was deluded by beer or gin, take your pick, and my lawyer can beat your lawyer any day, so there. The entire contents of this Web-Site copyright 1990-2010 by Paul McMurray aka Scoop Jackson. A very big THANKS to Tom Whitney, Jill Whitney, and Bob Fugate, without whom there would be no Scoop Web-Site, which might be a good thing, but too bad! And thanks, Mrs. Scoop, for putting up with me! I love you!

I certainly hope you enjoy meeting the people in these tales. They are real, and most have become good friends. Let me know if you're visiting Wisconsin, and you can meet them too. Unless you're afraid to. I wouldn't blame you a bit...   

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